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If you don't like testing your software, your customers won't either*Tests that are designed to confirm a prevailing theory rarely reveal new information.*If you don't care about quality, you can meet any other requirement.*Just because you've counted all the trees doesn't mean you've seen the forest*Experience is simply the name we give previous mistakes.*Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.*When you're out of quality, you're out of business.*Checking, a tactic of testing, is good for identifying problems you anticipate. For the ones you don't, diversify your tactics.

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Are you ready? Our cloud-based load testing can tell you before your customers do


The Web Stuff works

Premium Web Brands offers all kinds of web software testing. From ad-hoc to tightly defined scenarios and a whole raft of automated test tools to achieve high coverage, performance testing and cross-browser compliance.

Testing starts with design; but we live in the real world. Often, this hasn't happened. We'll understand the requirements you've worked from and construct your test strategy, plans and scenarios to your timelines. We can assist you in the remediation of the most wayward projects. We can meet your clients' documentation requirements. We can scale to your needs quickly, through the use of automated test tools and via our access to qualified test teams. We can work alongside and even manage your existing test team.

We test web software. We test it lots of ways.
  • A wealth of UX experience - including consultancy to Blue Chip brands
  • Prove your application under load with automated testing coupled with intelligent, useful reporting
  • UAT nightmares? Call us.

Premium Web Brands offers experience with large and small systems, public and private sector, open and closed audiences. Financial sector, retail, telecoms and reporting systems across the public sector.


You may have been referred here from one of our merry band of consumer websites. PWB owns and/or operates several niche online brands, giving insight into current trends and changes in user behaviour.

Premium Web Brands: The Web Stuff Works

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